Paint Sealant


What Is Paint Sealant?
Paint Sealant is a type of synthetic polymer liquid/cream substance that is applied via by hand or by tool to create a
highly resistant barrier stronger than normal paint wax.

Why Would You Need It?

Paint Sealant is designed to give you the maximum protection against contaminants from weather, animals, & foliage.
One of the main differences between your normal car wax and paint sealant is that it lasts longer. The usual lifetime after
a waxing is anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks while paint sealant can have a life of 8 – 12 MONTHS.

The barrier that our paint sealant creates is tougher & will keep your car or truck looking its best longer !

Starting At $195
( For Cars & Light Trucks, Call Or Stop By For Estimate If Otherwise )
 ***Clay Bar At Extra Cost