Paint Correction


What Is Paint Correction?
Paint Correction is a service we provide that gives your vehicle that sparkle and shine it once had when it left the dealer, sometimes even better than that. By definition Paint Correction is cleansing and refinishing the paints outer clear coat layer over the actual color layer of paint on your vehicle to not only bring its true shine back but to also protect it.

Why Would You Need It?

We all deal with the challenges of the road every day. Many things can have a negative effect on your cars paint. Sitting under a tree for extended amounts of time can lead to tree sap and bird “muck” solidifying on your vehicle. Parking next to sprinklers all day or running though car washes that don’t properly cleanse the vehicle can lead to heavy water damage and spotting. High speed driving or trailing behind someone on the way to work can lead to tar and road debris build up. Even sitting outside away from it all the sun itself can cause circles to develop. If you see any of this happening we are here to help!

Using our specialized tools and high quality cleaning products we can give you a car or truck to show off to everyone!

Starting At $295
( For Cars & Light Trucks, Call Or Stop By For Estimate If Otherwise )